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We will custom make a solution to suit your specific size and requirements.

Pram Awnings

Our unique pram awning design far exceeds industry standards.
Our process is a superior engineering solution. Our unique aluminium frame means each panel can be manufactured separately and slotted into a groove in the frame, seamlessly, and staple free.  No staples means longer durability of material and greater resistance to strong winds as the material cannot rip through the staples which rust and weaken over time.  It also enables easy, hassle-free replacement of individual panels for simpler maintenance and easy change of material if desired. Our pram awnings are installed on the wall with either clamping or hanging brackets. No drilling through the frame means greater durability!

To retract the awning, we use 3 individual swiveling pulleys in stainless steel which put less stress on the rope and wheels inside the stainless steel casing. It’s easy to retract as the pulleys will always turn in the direction of the rope and the mechanism is not over stressed by unnecessary physical force.

Pram awnings can easily be folded up or collapsed as and when required. 

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Pram Awnings