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We can create the ideal shade or weather solution suited to your needs for both commercial or residential application.

What types of awnings are available and for which purpose are they best suited?
Retractable awnings are great for decks, patios and windows because you can extend them when you want to and leave them retracted when they are not needed.
Retractable awnings over windows help regulate the room temperature ie awning down assists cooling room in summer and awning up helps with warming the room in winter.

Fixed awnings are best suited over doors and windows where they offer constant protection from sun & rain. Fixed awnings are built to withstand the elements and ours are legendary due to the superior quality of our components.

Do I need to consider the direction in which my house is facing?
The angle of an awning is often overlooked, but it is, in fact, one of the most important considerations when choosing the ideal solution.
Ideal Awnings can tailor make the drop of the awning and design it with appropriate angles to meet your needs depending on the orientation of the sun and how it strikes that particular area.
We also take note the different angles between the summer and winter sun.

What fabrics are used for our awnings and will they last in the harsh South African sun?
Ideal Awnings default to the best acrylic fabric brands in the world. Acrylics fabrics have highly technical fibres. They are designed to withstand the harmful UV rays and are guaranteed to last up to 10 years.
The dyeing process adds colour to the molecule of the fibre also ensuring fade proof fabrics.

There's many awning and blind companies in the market, how do I choose one?
Awnings and blinds are expensive items that are intended to last decades if properly maintenained so it's important to choose the right supplier.
Ideal Awnings are full service design to manufacture to install company. We are able to design, engineer, manufacture, install and guarantee your project.
We pride ourselves in honoring our promises and workmanship and warranties.

Do you do bespoke awnings?
In reality all our awnings are bespoke, type, design, size, colours - each one an individual piece.There is no one size fits all.