Pergolas & Blinds


We will custom make a solution to suit your specific size and requirements.

Our experienced consultants will advise you on making the best choice. With so many styles and shapes of awnings to choose from remember to also consider functionality - automated, retractable, manual or fixed. Which is more suited to your needs? Remember roller blinds can also be automated and pergolas are also available as an excellent shade solution. We offer them all – including some new and innovative solutions.

The angle of an awning
The angle of an awning is one of the most important considerations when making a choice – and often overlooked.  The drop of an awning should be considered depending on the orientation of the site to the sun. Be sure to observe how the sun strikes that particular area and bear in mind the different angles between summer and winter. Ideal Awnings can tailor make the drop of the awning as well as design it with appropriate angles for the best results.

Retractable Awnings

Making the best of sun and shade - retractable awnings are great for decks, patios and windows. You can extend them as and when you need them. Many retractable awnings are vulnerable to strong winds and rain so we recommended that they are left closed when unattended. Automating them means you can deploy or retract them at a touch of a button and thanks to rain, light and wind sensors, they can automatically deploy in the morning, evening or changing weather conditions.

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Fixed Awnings

Great over doors, entrances or windows that need constant protection. Our fixed awnings come in all shapes and sizes and are specially built to withstand the elements with superior frames and components.

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Free Standing Awnings

Movable, foldarm, freestanding awnings give you a considerably larger shade coverage than an umbrella.  This unique, freestanding shade solution for your garden, coffee bar or restaurant is custom made and delivers up to 45m2 of shade (equivalent of 10 outdoor umbrellas).  Also available on an A frame and wheels which makes this a mobile solution and increases functionality.

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Pram Awnings

Our unique pram awning design far exceeds industry standards.
Our process is a superior engineering solution. Our unique aluminium frame means each panel can be manufactured separately and slotted into a groove in the frame, seamlessly, and staple free.  No staples means longer durability of material and greater resistance to strong winds as the material cannot rip through the staples which rust and weaken over time.  It also enables easy, hassle-free replacement of individual panels for simpler maintenance and easy change of material if desired. Our pram awnings are installed on the wall with either clamping or hanging brackets. No drilling through the frame means greater durability!

To retract the awning, we use 3 individual swiveling pulleys in stainless steel which put less stress on the rope and wheels inside the stainless steel casing. It’s easy to retract as the pulleys will always turn in the direction of the rope and the mechanism is not over stressed by unnecessary physical force.

Pram awnings can easily be folded up or collapsed as and when required. 

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Blinds allow you to easily enclose your indoor and outdoor areas for a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living - giving you complete protection from the sun, wind, cold and insects while able to enjoy the view. Outdoor blinds are an ideal solution for your restaurant, patio, lapa or other outdoor area if you need to beat back the heat, let in light, block the wind or insulate from the cold.

Our blinds use a gear roller - making them easy to gently roll up with a few easy twists of a crank. Automation is available for further ease of use.  A cassette option is available to neatly retract the blind completely out of sight.

Our blinds hang freely with a bottom bar that allows for anchoring. They can be zipped into place with our zip-system or fitted with our Roller Track system with side panels to give a stylish and secure closure.

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There is something so special about the timeless beauty of a pergola and al fresco living. Our retractable pergola systems ensure that while you can’t control the weather you can control your lifestyle. We have designed a custom product that can be integrated with an outdoor trellis or pergola structure installed by us. We can also retrofit your existing structure into a functional shade canopy system for your outdoor living space.

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